Following a months-long congressional redistricting process, on Jan. 24, the General Assembly approved a citizen-drawn congressional map and sent it to Gov. Tom Wolf for his signature. Introduced by Chairman Seth Grove as House Bill 2146, the map approved by the General Assembly remains largely identical to the plan submitted by Amanda Holt, a Lehigh Valley resident. It includes very minor adjustments recommended by citizens across the Commonwealth to improve the compactness of districts, respond to citizen concerns regarding communities of interest and increase minority representation in Philadelphia.

Grove introduced the map following more than a dozen public hearings held across the state. It was selected out of nearly 20 maps submitted to the House State Government Committee because it was created without political influence and complies with constitutionally mandated criteria.

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The updated preliminary plan took into consideration input from the citizens across Pennsylvania. To view the initial preliminary plan, click here. To read the comments received on the initial preliminary plan, click here.