Each hearing link includes video of the completed hearing, schedule and written testimony, and counties included in the region.

Disclaimer: The general geographic regions are being provided for guidance only to help Pennsylvania residents determine the regional hearing(s) in which they want to participate. Generally, testifiers should participate in the hearing(s) most closely associated with their primary place of residence.


Congressional Redistricting 101: Harrisburg
Thursday, July 22

Stakeholder Input: Harrisburg
Thursday, July 22

Regional Hearing: Northwest
Tuesday, August 24

Regional Hearing: Allegheny
Wednesday, August 25

Regional Hearing: Southwest
Thursday, August 26

Regional Hearing: North Central
Tuesday, Oct. 12

Regional Hearing: South Central
Wednesday, Oct 13

Regional Hearing: Northeast
Monday, Oct. 18

Regional Hearing: Southeast
Tuesday, Oct. 19

Regional Hearing: Philadelphia
Wednesday, Oct. 20

Hearing on Congressional Redistricting and Census Data Analysis
Thursday, Oct. 28

Informational Meeting on Citizen Map
Thursday, Dec. 9

Voting Meeting on Preliminary Plan
Monday, Dec. 13

Voting Meeting on Citizens Map
Wednesday, Dec. 15

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